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Higher Education

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Business Information Center- McGuire Hall, SMU

    Business Information Center- McGuire Hall, SMU | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Master Planning

    This 9,733 sq space is home to the business information center located in McGuire Hall. The academic building holds a stock trading room that is used by business school students. The room features a stock trading wall and computers that can be used for trading. The trading room is also sound isolated. The space also offers new open study areas for students to use. Private study space is also offered as well as break out rooms.

    The space holds the offices of business professors as well as a small conference room. McGuire Hall also features a library for business school students.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Band Hall, SMU

    Band Hall, SMU | Architecture | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Master Planning | Graphics | Construction Administration

    This project was a renovation to existing recreational space and it home to the SMU band. The 10,082 sq project is known as Band Hall. The hall features a rehearsal hall which accommodates a 150 member band. Hahnfeld enhanced the practice rooms for the band ensemble rehearsal space as well as adding additional storage around the perimeter for band equipment. The hall also features renovated office space and a conference room. Part of the renovation includes acoustically treated practice rooms to limit the sound of other existing space in the hall because a recreational basketball court sits above the space.

    Band Hall is also equipped with a performance plaza that is surrounded by sound proof walls. The hall also features band memorabilia in glass showcases, a music storage library, and a loading dock. Band hall is located facing the new residential commons complex.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility, TCU

    Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility, TCU | Architecture | Construction Administration

    This TCU facility provides an enclosure over the existing 80 yard practice field (Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford designed the original outside football practice field), along with auxiliary support services and a restroom concession area. Its building system is a pre-engineered building shell with a Collegiate Beaux Art aesthetic skin. Translucent wall panels were incorporated to increase the natural light inside, and a large storage area provided for an extensive inventory of large equipment.

    The building was designed so A/C can be added at a later date and it’s drainage system allows the field to be completely washed down. Three elevated catwalk stations have been provided, allowing personnel to videotape practices for planning and training purposes.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Football Locker Room and Sports Medicine Facility, TCU

    Football Locker Room and Sports Medicine Facility, TCU | Architecture | Construction Administration

    TCU renovated 22,943 SF of existing space to house the TCU Football team locker rooms as well as the sports medicine department within the athletic department. This facility has three, in-ground therapy pools including a hot, cold and underwater treadmills. Also included are taping stations, physical therapy stations, treatment tables, lockers, showers, restroom facilities and staff offices.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    TCU Baseball Locker Room

    TCU Baseball Locker Room | Architecture | Construction Administration | Master Planning | Interior Design

    The Charles and Marie Lupton Stadium Renovation and Addition was completed in February of 2016 and consists of a two story addition of 5,700sf and a renovation of 9,100sf.

    The addition consists of new player locker room facilities on the ground floor connecting to the dugout with new offices for coaches and staff on the second level connecting to the stadium concourse.

    The renovation converted existing locker room space and batting cages under the stadium seating into equipment, laundry, therapy/physical training, coaches locker and meeting, classroom, and player lounge spaces. Therapy spaces included in ground hot and cold plunge pools as well as space for both physical conditioning and rehabilitation. The player lounge includes AV system(s) allowing players to review game video individually or in groups. The classroom provides a space for the entire team and staff to assemble for instruction and can double as a press room when needed.

    The changes made to the stadium were accomplished without interfering with the team’s training and game schedules and provides a facility that better supports a nationally top ranked athletic program.