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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Peace Lutheran Church

    Peace Lutheran Church | Architecture | Construction Administration | Master Planning

    The program for this Client was to meet the needs for the future growth in worship, education, and ministry areas in the existing facility.

    The project additions include a new 705 seat sanctuary with audio / video console, pipe organ on raised platform, and choir platform. A fan-shaped altar layout was constructed to accommodate future expansion of the sanctuary, which will add seating for 190 congregants. A seventy-six foot high cross was relocated from the congregation’s existing sanctuary and anchored on the curved wall of the new sanctuary, becoming the focal point for the campus. An autolift wall system on the rear wall of the sanctuary allows the concourse to be used for overflow of the sanctuary space. The new fellowship space has a commercial kitchen and is divisible into five classrooms. Three new preschool classrooms were added for the church’s Red Apple School.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Temple Shalom, Dallas TX

    Temple Shalom, Dallas TX | Architecture | Graphics | Construction Administration

    The challenge was to renovate, and add onto, an existing Dallas synagogue, built in 1971, in a transformative and timeless way. Initially in 2008, a scheme was presented to Temple Shalom that met their current and future needs. As the economy began to slip, however, the design began to look less and less viable. After taking a hiatus from the project in 2009 and re-evaluating the needs of the synagogue, the project recommenced with a reduced budget, scale, and scope. The architectural solution was to enhance two core elements of Temple Shalom’s mission statement: spirituality and community gathering. The previously hidden entry became a prominent feature beneath a curved metal roof, which hovers above a glass curtainwall. The overall design invites congregants to gather both outside, in the new front plaza or in renovated courtyards, and inside, under the voluminous, light-filled Community Hall, or at the Lounge which looks out across the western courtyard to the Chapel addition beyond

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    First Presbyterian Church Fort Worth

    First Presbyterian Church Fort Worth | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Master Planning | Construction Administration | Graphics

    First Presbyterian Church is a spiritual and architectural anchor defining the western edge of downtown Fort Worth. The church is perched on the edge of a cliff with remarkable views of the cultural district and the city beyond.

    The church expansion’s facade reflects architectural styling of the existing campus and preserves the existing sanctuary as its dominant feature. The captured spaces between buildings become indoor courtyards, classrooms, corridors, and seating areas with dramatic views to the west.

    The multipurpose/worship space will accommodate their contemporary worship service as well as other functions and events.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    The Church on Rush Creek

    The Church on Rush Creek | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Master Planning | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The Church on Rush Creek has been a multiphase project with Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford helping the church maintain orderly growth and development through almost two decades. The partnership began in 1997 with a master plan for the 36-acre site and design and construction of the first facilities, including the worship center. It was designed as a multipurpose space, allowing worship, fellowship and even future basketball use.

    Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford has worked closely with key church leaders and age group representatives in the programming and design of the various phases. This has included benchmarking trips to other churches. The exterior architecture has been straightforward with the same orange brick and off-white plaster used in successive additions. New construction technologies have been introduced as they have become available.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Arborlawn United Methodist Church

    Arborlawn United Methodist Church | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Master Planning | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The merging of two existing churches into a single congregation required new worship spaces. The strength of the combined music programs posed an unusual challenge for the design team. Unlike most worship spaces, the acoustic properties of a symphony hall were incorporated into the final design solution. Complicating the acoustics are room shaping and surface treatments required by the new 106 rank organ. The resulting 1100-seat sanctuary is also the second home of the Fort Worth Symphony. A 2-story-high gathering space links the sanctuary to a separate 300-seat contemporary worship space. A new 150-seat chapel, featuring the relocation of existing stained glass from the former church, provides a smaller venue worship space for the church. Additional classrooms and bride’s and groom’s rooms are also included.

    The centerpiece of this new facility a 1,110-seat sanctuary that is bright and airy with natural light brought onto the chancel by a skylight, while artificial lights and speakers are hidden from view. The choir loft is front-and-center, as is a 6,800-pipe organ. State-of-the-art acoustics have made the sanctuary the favored “community home” for the renowned Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

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