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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    First United Methodist Church – Hurst, Texas

    First United Methodist Church – Hurst, Texas | Architecture | Construction Administration | Graphics | Master Planning | Programming / Strategic Planning

    Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford was initially retained to provide an updated master plan for the church’s facilities. After analyzing recent trends in membership and attendance, a master plan was presented to the Long Range Planning Committee.

    The following was designed and constructed based on the building committee’s desires: 14 new classrooms, Family Life Center with kitchen, stage, and a flexible meeting space, Refurbishment and reconfiguration of existing classroom space in the children’s wing, the Isham Education Building, and elevator and ramp additions, make the entire facility accessible.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Legacy Church of Christ

    Legacy Church of Christ | Architecture | Construction Administration | Master Planning | Facility Assessment

    The project was a two-story, 12,000 sf steel and masonry building with a galvalume roof and insulated glass windows and galvalume awnings. The lower level contains a large benevolence storage area with a waiting room for giving out food to needy families, several other large storage areas for the church, a quilting room for the ladies, and a large classroom for the junior high students. The upper floor is completely dedicated to the youth and includes a 2,000 sf multi-use worship space, four classrooms, a game room, a lounge, a snack serving room with a roll-up counter doors, and restrooms.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Southcliff Baptist Church

    Southcliff Baptist Church | Architecture | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The goal was to maintain good hearing and sightlines to every part of the platform, while providing a flexible program of activities. The plan encourages participation, and uses interior surface shaping and finishes to achieve the best acoustics. The platform has provisions for orchestra pit and portable choir risers. Rear movable walls allow variable acoustic configurations. The sound system is designed where listeners perceive sound as originating from a single point. Theatre lighting and catwalk rigging maintain adequate illumination of platform participants, focus view, establish mood, and enhance visual depth. Stage and house lighting are electronically dimmed via a computer driven master lighting console at the mixing board. A production intercom system allows members of the technical staff to communicate with each other. A multi-media system for presenting slides, text, live or prerecorded video, and computer graphics is on either side of the platform. New audio/video control booths are also located on this level.

    The new second floor parenting room is linked to the concourse and existing buildings.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Pathway Church

    Pathway Church | Graphics | Facility Assessment

    The Owner’s primary goal was to have a flexible, long-range master plan that would provide for long term growth and development.

    Phase I includes a 1,000 seat Worship Center; Fellowship/Community space with a guest services, area coffee bar, food service, bookstore and baptistery; Music Academy for instruction and training of all age groups; Education facilities to accommodate nursery/preschool, indoor playroom and nursing mother’s room; Phase II includes: worship center expansion to 1650 seats; Additional adult and youth classrooms and seminar rooms.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    First United Methodist Church, Mansfield TX

    First United Methodist Church, Mansfield TX | Graphics | Master Planning | Construction Administration | Architecture

    The scope of this study was to determine the church’s needs over the next twenty years, and create a long range campus master plan for implementing future changes to the existing facilities.

    Through a process of meetings with key staff and committee members, we projected the probable church growth (from 1596 members in 1996 to 3100 in 2016), evaluated the existing facilities, future needs, as well as the congregation’s ability to fund the future projects. Using this information, we formulated a long range master plan for implementing each future phase of construction.

    This 12,175 square foot facility includes a sanctuary, chancel area, choir loft, sacristy, prayer room, narthex, multipurpose rooms and restrooms. The building is expandable in the future to 900 seats. Parking additions were built in two phases to accommodate the church’s growing needs.

    The ceiling and roof structure are wood trusses with gypsum board ceilings in the Sanctuary and Narthex, and a complete sound/lighting system was provided for the sanctuary.