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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Carter BloodCare Headquarters

    Carter BloodCare Headquarters | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    Carter BloodCare supports Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding county hospitals by providing 95 percent of the region’s transfused blood. The heart of this activity is their 16.5-acre headquarters campus, which provides testing, processing, storage, distribution, and administrative functions. A campus expansion program included a new administration building and adjoining warehouse expansion. The 83,960-square-foot expansion provides additional space to centralize functions previously housed off-site.

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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Brinks University

    Brinks University | Interior Design | Programming / Strategic Planning

    Brinks, Inc. needed to expand and improve its existing 2,000-square-foot training area to accommodate Brinks University, a new educational and training department that will be visited by employees from around the world. Located within Brink’s existing 100,000-square-foot facility, Brinks University was carved out of 8,000-square-feet of open office space directly off the main building lobby. The new Brinks University includes: a large training room for up to 50 people, a small training room, break area, library/resource room, hoteling office space, office space for trainers and directors, and a large welcoming lobby and gathering space. Video monitors and other learning and communications technologies were incorporated into the design.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Brinks Innovation Studio

    Brinks Innovation Studio | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    Brinks, Inc. created a new department to foster strategic developments and business practices worldwide, and they needed to create space within their existing offices that would be stimulating enough to foster collaborative brainstorming and imagining sessions and yet flexible enough to accommodate individual work and focused concentration.

    Balancing these dual goals of the budget-conscious client, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford opened up 2,000 square feet in a corner of Brink’s offices by removing barriers to natural light and clearing the ceilings to the deck to create more volume. Smaller collaboration rooms were added around the perimeter with each room set up with different color schemes and furniture layouts. These rooms have tackable work surfaces, cork walls and marker board walls, and video monitors for inspiration sessions.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Dunaway Associates

    Dunaway Associates | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration

    Dunaway Associates, a civil engineering and landscape firm, was moving to new offices from a space they had outgrown and that had not been updated in 10 years. Located in a Class A, mid-rise office tower, the 30,000 square feet chosen for renovation was a typical maze of partitions and offices. To open it up, the entire floor was gutted except for the existing IT room, which was to serve the same purpose. The six corners of the floor plan were left open for workstations to allow light into the core area, all offices have front glass walls, and workstation heights were kept under 54 inches. Doors off the lobby are glass and the space is open to the exterior glass on both sides, which allows a view to the outside from the lobby.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Weir Oil & Gas, Interior Design

    Weir Oil & Gas, Interior Design | Architecture | Sustainability / LEED Design | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The North American Headquarters for Weir Oil & Gas was designed with the owner’s keen awareness of international style and desire to marry it with aspects of Texas style. This unique co-mingling of aesthetics resulted in interior features such as a three-story atrium linking all floors together visually and bringing natural light into the building. The presence of light is further enhanced with glass curtain walls, large skylight wells, and low workstation panels with glass tops.

    The 62,639-square-foot building is designed functionally with public spaces on the ground floor, general staff offices on the second floor and the executive suites on the third floor with scenic views of Fort Worth and beyond. In addition to programming and building design, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford designed or specified all interior elements, including the furniture and art packages.

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