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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Arborlawn United Methodist Church – Interior

    Arborlawn United Methodist Church – Interior

    The merging of two existing churches into a single congregation required new worship spaces. The strength of the combined music programs posed an unusual challenge for the design team. Unlike most worship spaces, the acoustic properties of a symphony hall were incorporated into the final design solution. Complicating the acoustics are room shaping and surface treatments required by the new 106 rank organ. The resulting 1100-seat sanctuary is also the second home of the Fort Worth Symphony. A 2-story-high gathering space links the sanctuary to a separate 300-seat contemporary worship space. A new 150-seat chapel, featuring the relocation of existing stained glass from the former church, provides a smaller venue worship space for the church. Additional classrooms and bride’s and groom’s rooms are also included.

    The centerpiece of this new facility a 1,110-seat sanctuary that is bright and airy with natural light brought onto the chancel by a skylight, while artificial lights and speakers are hidden from view. The choir loft is front-and-center, as is a 6,800-pipe organ. State-of-the-art acoustics have made the sanctuary the favored “community home” for the renowned Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Mira Vista Country Club

    Mira Vista Country Club | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Master Planning | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The clubhouse at Mira Vista Country Club was built in 1984 and was in need of major updating and improvements. New finishes were installed throughout the 40,000 square-foot clubhouse, including the ballroom, lobby, stairs, the Horizon Lounge and Patio, the Pointe casual dining room, women’s card and locker room, men’s locker room and tavern, and workout/fitness room. The kitchen was renovated and restrooms were improved to comply with Texas Accessibility Standards.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Southwest Bank

    Southwest Bank | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    Southwest Bank began with a vision to provide excellent personal service and to brand each branch with a distinctive stand-alone building. In keeping with that vision, this branch is a 16,300-square-foot, two-story building at a busy intersection near DFW International Airport. The building is readily identifiable with a traditional red brick exterior accented by native stone that rises vertically from an off-set front entryway to a cornice element above the roofline. A vertical window grid accented with eyebrows and gray brick give the bank a solid, time-honored appearance.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Hogan Building

    Hogan Building | Architecture | Construction Administration

    Façade improvements were made to the Hogan/Shelton Building located at 910 Houston Street (the southeast corner of Houston and 8th Streets). The building was originally constructed in 1900. The original building was designed in a classic revival style and the exterior was renovated to the Art Deco style in 1937.
    VERUS Capital Partners – a Denton-based real estate development group that has renovated several old buildings – bought the Hogan Office Supply Co. building and received approval from two city boards to give the facade a turn-of-the-century facelift. VERUS Capital Partners worked to rehabilitate the building to resemble its original architectural appearance, in a “new meets old” style.
    The 31,000-square-foot property includes a renovated upper two floors for high-end loft-style office space. The FedEx- Office remained on the northwest corner of the ground floor, along with a small restaurant/bar facing Houston Street. The basement has been turned into an entertainment venue.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Fort Worth Running Company

    Fort Worth Running Company | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    The goal of Fort Worth Running Company for this project was to establish not just a retail outlet for running shoes and gear but to create a community gathering place for runners. This location was selected due to its desirable location next to Trinity Park, allowing running groups to gather at the store, update their gear if needed, and then step right out onto the riverside running trail.

    The 2,293-square-foot retail space was first generation with a sealed concrete floor and painted ceiling and ductwork. The high ceilings, polished concrete floors, and perimeter display areas create the perception of a much larger space and provide an open, inviting environment to showcase products.