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  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Houston Street Toy Company

    Houston Street Toy Company

    Providing a place for children to learn, shop, and play in downtown Fort Worth was a priority for Sundance Square Management.  The Houston Street Toy Company was a start-up company where the owner wanted the space to feel like the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium with a lot of movement and interaction.  The toy box logo made for the store was incorporated into the cash wrap/point of sale area.  The store wanted a large Ferris Wheel in the front window, with toys that move up and down hanging from a 12’ tall tree in the middle of the space.  In the back of the store there is a story time area where children can walk through a large scale book to gather. The color schemes include red and white stripes, medium oak wood paneling and colorful floor accents.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Park Cities Bank

    Park Cities Bank | Architecture | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration | Graphics

    Park Cities is a full service two-story financial institution with three lanes for motor banking services. Interiors include walk-up tellers area, offices, loan area, Class I deposit vault, board room and community conference room. Exterior materials include limestone, masonry and a copper roof.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    Bell Helicopter Aircraft Assembly Facility

    Bell Helicopter Aircraft Assembly Facility | Facility Assessment | Master Planning | Programming / Strategic Planning

    Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford provided architectural services to Bell Helicopter group for a new world-class aerospace assembly facility. Built on a 14.5-acre site at Lafayette Regional Airport, the facility assembles the Bell 505 Jet ranger X-Bell’s newest commercial helicopter.

    The project is an 84,427 square foot final assembly facility for Bell Helicopter’ newly introduced JRX Model 505 commercial helicopter. Within the facility, the aircraft is assembled from components which are manufactured offsite. These components include the cabin shell, engine and transmission, rotors, tail boom, and skids. All components arrive by commercial tractor/trailer truck transport for immediate assembly of the rotorcraft. The completed helicopter is test flown and FAA certified from this facility. Before delivery to the customer, the aircraft is painted and additional optional equipment installed. Customers may take delivery at the facility where they have the option to fly their new aircraft home or order crating and shipment to a certified Bell Helicopter service center for final delivery.

    The building includes a public lobby and reception with conference and show rooms adjacent to the delivery center. Offices are provided for executive and management functions. A large break room with refrigerators, microwave ovens, vending machines, and large projection screen serves the 100+ assembly workers. Nearby lockers and restroom facilities are also provided. The general flow of materials through the facility includes receipt of aircraft components and supplies at the large receiving dock and staging area. From there, components are moved through the adjacent assembly room, then to pre-flight for final preparations before test flight operations. After testing and FAA certification, the aircraft proceeds through paint prep and painting, after which custom accessories are installed prior to final delivery.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    JPI Corporate Headquarters

    JPI Corporate Headquarters | Interior Design | Programming / Strategic Planning | Construction Administration

    JPI, a real estate development and investment management company, was ready for an updated space that would be more efficient and better reflect the company’s culture and tradition. Because of their long-standing place in the residential living market, it was important for the design to provide employees, investors, and guests with a sense of home. The color palette was selected to help create a warm, welcoming environment, pulling its inspiration from nature, and incorporating dark woods, natural stones, and rich colors. Brighter accent colors were added to the employee areas to create interest and a more energized environment.

    Through extensive programming and numerous test fits comparing their existing location with potential new office spaces, JPI decided to renovate their current floor plan to better fit their growing needs. Located in a Class A office building, the 24,000 square foot suite was a combination of private offices and workstations, with quite a bit of under-utilized space. By reconfiguring the existing plan, the new design allowed for more future growth, along with the addition of departmental conference rooms, a corporate business lounge for meeting and entertaining, a large multi-purpose break room and training space, and more functional copy and storage rooms.

    Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford facilitated the programming and schematic phase, along with the design, specification, and construction administration of all new interior elements to coordinate with the existing finishes, including furniture, artwork, custom signage, and accessories.

  • Hahnfeld Hoffer Standford Project

    The Riverside Company

    The Riverside Company | Programming / Strategic Planning | Interior Design | Construction Administration

    The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm, was moving their Dallas location from a spec suite space to a new location. It was important for the design of the new office to reflect the corporate design aesthetic utilized in the company’s other locations across the nation, while maintaining its own identity and specific requirements for the Dallas staff’s work method.

    Located in a Class A office building, the 6,000 square foot suite, is designed with function and productivity in mind, while allowing for better interaction between employees. While the private offices are located on the exterior glass, the use of lower workstation panels, large sidelights at the offices, and locating the employee break room and conference spaces on the exterior windows allows for natural light to permeate the space and great exterior views for both employees and visitors.

    The interior finish palette incorporated clean whites with accents of gray and bright red, blue, and green. Not only did the palette help to enhance the natural light, it helped create the fresh aesthetic to integrate the brand identity throughout the office.
    In addition to programming and test fits to compare multiple new office space options, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford designed and specified the new interior elements, including new furniture to coordinate with existing private office furniture, artwork, and brand signage. HHS also conducted construction administration to facilitate completion of the project.