Will Rogers Memorial Center Multi-Purpose Building

“We’re very fortunate to have a firm like Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford here to assist us with all of our improvements. They certainly understand the architecture, but more importantly they understand the function. And that’s why we’ve had such a long relationship… all of their people truly understand how the facilities need to function and that’s critical to us.”

- Brad Barnes - President & General Manager Fort Worth Stock Show

The Will Rogers Memorial Center needed more space for parking and equestrian operations to compete with newer and larger venues nationwide, but with a lack of expansion space at the site, the solution was a multi-level, multi-purpose facility. A new two-story, 105,800-square-foot parking building was designed with a lower level that can support horse stalls and a light-filled upper level that can be configured with practice arenas. The new structure is connected to the existing buildings with a covered area, while an underground tunnel system connecting the buildings allows the movement of animals and equipment.