Weir Oil & Gas

Weir Oil & Gas, a Glasgow, Scotland company, sought a new headquarters for their North America operations. The chosen site was adjacent to their existing manufacturing facilities just outside of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base and Lockheed Aircraft Manufacturing Plant in Fort Worth. The three-story, 62,639-square-foot building has offices, training rooms, dining rooms and a teleconferencing room with banks of monitors. Aesthetically, Weir wanted abundant natural light, which called for glass curtain walls, large skylight wells and a three-story atrium.

Central to the success of the project was the need to mediate the 112 decibels of noise from F16 fighter jets taking off and landing just 1,200 feet away on the runway of the Joint Reserve Base. Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford and their acoustical consultants custom designed a curtain wall system using off-the-shelf components. Weir’s commitment to sustainable building practices and ongoing energy efficiency strategies led to a LEED Gold certification for the project.

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