Tucker Technology Center, TCU

“Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford is a great design team, but more important they have a skill at listening, and they have a skill at being able to ferret out our desires when we don’t even know what our desires are. They are a great collaborator.”

- – Dr. Leo Munson - Associate Provost for Academic Support at TCU

This building was conceived as an iconic home for the university’s growing math and science program, which was previously scattered in several buildings throughout the campus. The facility houses the College of Science & Engineering and includes classrooms, research labs, a machine shop, as well as the dean’s suite, faculty offices, and conference and board rooms. As a promotional showcase for the high-tech activities it houses, the 86,000-square-foot building visually expresses all of its systems and showcases its technology. When entering the building, immediately seen are engineering lab areas and most noticeably a three-story atrium with interaction areas for students and faculty.