The Riverside Company

The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm, was moving their Dallas location from a spec suite space to a new location. It was important for the design of the new office to reflect the corporate design aesthetic utilized in the company’s other locations across the nation, while maintaining its own identity and specific requirements for the Dallas staff’s work method.

Located in a Class A office building, the 6,000 square foot suite, is designed with function and productivity in mind, while allowing for better interaction between employees. While the private offices are located on the exterior glass, the use of lower workstation panels, large sidelights at the offices, and locating the employee break room and conference spaces on the exterior windows allows for natural light to permeate the space and great exterior views for both employees and visitors.

The interior finish palette incorporated clean whites with accents of gray and bright red, blue, and green. Not only did the palette help to enhance the natural light, it helped create the fresh aesthetic to integrate the brand identity throughout the office.
In addition to programming and test fits to compare multiple new office space options, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford designed and specified the new interior elements, including new furniture to coordinate with existing private office furniture, artwork, and brand signage. HHS also conducted construction administration to facilitate completion of the project.