Temple Shalom, Dallas TX

The challenge was to renovate, and add onto, an existing Dallas synagogue, built in 1971, in a transformative and timeless way. Initially in 2008, a scheme was presented to Temple Shalom that met their current and future needs. As the economy began to slip, however, the design began to look less and less viable. After taking a hiatus from the project in 2009 and re-evaluating the needs of the synagogue, the project recommenced with a reduced budget, scale, and scope. The architectural solution was to enhance two core elements of Temple Shalom’s mission statement: spirituality and community gathering. The previously hidden entry became a prominent feature beneath a curved metal roof, which hovers above a glass curtainwall. The overall design invites congregants to gather both outside, in the new front plaza or in renovated courtyards, and inside, under the voluminous, light-filled Community Hall, or at the Lounge which looks out across the western courtyard to the Chapel addition beyond