TCU Baseball Locker Room

The Charles and Marie Lupton Stadium Renovation and Addition was completed in February of 2016 and consists of a two story addition of 5,700sf and a renovation of 9,100sf.

The addition consists of new player locker room facilities on the ground floor connecting to the dugout with new offices for coaches and staff on the second level connecting to the stadium concourse.

The renovation converted existing locker room space and batting cages under the stadium seating into equipment, laundry, therapy/physical training, coaches locker and meeting, classroom, and player lounge spaces. Therapy spaces included in ground hot and cold plunge pools as well as space for both physical conditioning and rehabilitation. The player lounge includes AV system(s) allowing players to review game video individually or in groups. The classroom provides a space for the entire team and staff to assemble for instruction and can double as a press room when needed.

The changes made to the stadium were accomplished without interfering with the team’s training and game schedules and provides a facility that better supports a nationally top ranked athletic program.