Southcliff Baptist Church

The goal was to maintain good hearing and sightlines to every part of the platform, while providing a flexible program of activities. The plan encourages participation, and uses interior surface shaping and finishes to achieve the best acoustics. The platform has provisions for orchestra pit and portable choir risers. Rear movable walls allow variable acoustic configurations. The sound system is designed where listeners perceive sound as originating from a single point. Theatre lighting and catwalk rigging maintain adequate illumination of platform participants, focus view, establish mood, and enhance visual depth. Stage and house lighting are electronically dimmed via a computer driven master lighting console at the mixing board. A production intercom system allows members of the technical staff to communicate with each other. A multi-media system for presenting slides, text, live or prerecorded video, and computer graphics is on either side of the platform. New audio/video control booths are also located on this level.

The new second floor parenting room is linked to the concourse and existing buildings.