Silver Leaf Cigar Bar

The vision for this space was to create a classic and comfortable space for customers to gather for conversation, drink and cigars. The owner wanted the space to be warm and inviting to the cigar aficionado as well as the novice or non-smoker. Ventilation was a key part of the design. Material selection was also important: materials were selected based on their propensity for minimal or no chance of retaining smoke odor.

A contemporary gas fireplace was added for a conversational pit. There is a complementary blend of both contemporary and traditional elements that enhance the ambience of the space. Finishes include sealed concrete floors, wood paneling, leather-like antimicrobial wall covering and upholstery, along with a stacked stone fireplace. Three light fixtures in the humidor room are reminiscent of cigars and the custom pendant fixture over the fireplace in an interpretation of smoke.

To address indoor air quality, the supply and exhaust configuration sets up an air flow pattern where the perimeter of the space is positively pressurized and the center of the space is negatively pressurized, capturing the developed smoke and exhausting it to the outside of the building.