Rees-Jones Hall, TCU

This 62,000 square-foot facility houses academic classrooms, faculty offices, interdisciplinary space, library functions, an incubator lab and an ideas factory for both students and faculty. This is a collaboration between Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford and CannonDesign. The building is also home to the TCU Energy Institute and the Institute for Child Development. A pedestrian air bridge connects Reese-Jones Hall and the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

TCU’s Spring 2015 Magazine* describes the building this way: “In Rees-Jones Hall, students use smartphones and tablets to reserve time in private study rooms, which fill quickly. Soaring hallways are covered with quotations, factoids and graphics. The silver-level LEED-certified building is as environmentally thoughtful as it is intellectually inviting. Smart water fountains keep visible count of plastic water bottles saved.

Rees-Jones Hall has 11 classrooms equipped with dual input wireless projectors, document cameras and video players. A wireless control panel the size of a brick manages the gadgetry. Faculty members can show a YouTube video on one screen and PowerPoint slides on the other, or an Excel spreadsheet, or a journal article.

Rees-Jones Hall is open to all disciplines, so “the building belongs to nobody but is available to everybody,” said Nowell Donovan, university provost. In the hall’s first two semesters, 31 departments from all eight TCU colleges conducted classes there, led by 74 faculty members. Twenty-four of them teach more than one course in the building.”