Mary Wright Admission Center, TCU

The Mary Wright Admission Center creates both a home for the Admissions Department and a gateway for the TCU campus. Prior to this facility, the Admission Department offices were scattered in various buildings on campus and had no permanent meeting place. The 13,000 sf building provides a central location for the various programs of the Department including office space, interview room, presentation and meeting space, and a display hall with interactive media introducing the prospective students and their parents to multiple facets of TCU from the history to academics to student life.

While the building serves as an introduction and first impression to new arrivals, it also acts as a gateway to the campus. The site, a parking lot on the south side of campus, was transformed with the addition of the building and garden into a strong entry point to the campus. The siting incorporates and reinforces the existing Ray Gates at the intersection of Berry Street and Stadium Drive enriching the entry experience and strengthening the campus master plan.

The project was also developed to showcase the University’s increasing commitment to conservation and the “green movement.” Collaboration between Cannon Design and Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford. Design documents were developed utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM).