JPI Corporate Headquarters

JPI, a real estate development and investment management company, was ready for an updated space that would be more efficient and better reflect the company’s culture and tradition. Because of their long-standing place in the residential living market, it was important for the design to provide employees, investors, and guests with a sense of home. The color palette was selected to help create a warm, welcoming environment, pulling its inspiration from nature, and incorporating dark woods, natural stones, and rich colors. Brighter accent colors were added to the employee areas to create interest and a more energized environment.

Through extensive programming and numerous test fits comparing their existing location with potential new office spaces, JPI decided to renovate their current floor plan to better fit their growing needs. Located in a Class A office building, the 24,000 square foot suite was a combination of private offices and workstations, with quite a bit of under-utilized space. By reconfiguring the existing plan, the new design allowed for more future growth, along with the addition of departmental conference rooms, a corporate business lounge for meeting and entertaining, a large multi-purpose break room and training space, and more functional copy and storage rooms.

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford facilitated the programming and schematic phase, along with the design, specification, and construction administration of all new interior elements to coordinate with the existing finishes, including furniture, artwork, custom signage, and accessories.