Doss Heritage & Culture Center

The Doss Cultural Center Museum is a historical/archive museum designed to tell the story of Weatherford and Parker County. It has a variety of exhibit space and a multi-purpose room for conference and dining activities. The building’s architecture reflects the Parker County rural heritage. The exterior is rendered in natural uncoursed field-stone and standing seam metal roofing. It is sited in a heavily forested park adjacent to the Weatherford College campus.


This  multi-level complex , named for James and Dorothy Doss, is tucked within a densely wooded 7 acre site and houses cultural and historical artifacts which help preserve Parker County’s heritage. The Regional Architecture styled building with field stone veneer accommodates three galleries: the Mary Martin gallery, a permanent gallery and a rotating gallery. A natural wooded habitat is included as part of the museum’s exhibit, a prime specimen of cross timber trees and nature paths, similar to the Lady Bird Johnson nature preserve.