Arborlawn United Methodist Church – Interior

The merging of two existing churches into a single congregation required new worship spaces. The strength of the combined music programs posed an unusual challenge for the design team. Unlike most worship spaces, the acoustic properties of a symphony hall were incorporated into the final design solution. Complicating the acoustics are room shaping and surface treatments required by the new 106 rank organ. The resulting 1100-seat sanctuary is also the second home of the Fort Worth Symphony. A 2-story-high gathering space links the sanctuary to a separate 300-seat contemporary worship space. A new 150-seat chapel, featuring the relocation of existing stained glass from the former church, provides a smaller venue worship space for the church. Additional classrooms and bride’s and groom’s rooms are also included.

The centerpiece of this new facility a 1,110-seat sanctuary that is bright and airy with natural light brought onto the chancel by a skylight, while artificial lights and speakers are hidden from view. The choir loft is front-and-center, as is a 6,800-pipe organ. State-of-the-art acoustics have made the sanctuary the favored “community home” for the renowned Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

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